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June Aug. 2023


UX/UI design

art direction


small scrum team

Lasersheets specialises in materials suitable for laser cutting, with guaranteed quality and accessible to consumers where wholesalers aren't.

The webshop migrated to a stronger e-commerce platform to fit the growing business and to improve marketing efforts. The old site was not only technically but also visually outdated, we re-imagined the brand Lasersheets.

This project was finished within two and a half months, by a small scrum team. I worked on re-imagining the brand, and synthesising this into a style guide. As well as executing it through visual design and art direction.The technical aspect of this migration fell outside of my responsibility.

Lasersheets is a brand of Snijlab, and I worked on this project as a Snijlab employee.

the result

Lasersheets is growing at an increasing pace since the launch of the new site. We noticed more traffic to the site and the average values of orders are rising. Due to optimisation for SEO, higher conversion rates through better UI and quicker marketing efforts.

Webshop for laser cutting materials

from an outdated site to a strong e-commerce platform

before and after

From a cluttered and stagnant page to a welcoming site. The design of the site was in need of an update.

The old site was designed externally, so we could not update it ourselves. Insight in the use of the site was also minimal to non-existent.

So we decided we build the new site in-house, on one of the best e-commerce platforms of the moment. Now we can update the design and content easily and quickly. User insights give us the tools to optimise further.

SEO, conversion rate and AOV have increased significantly since the launch.

Re-imaging the brand

to communicate consistently

style guide

This platform works with high quality templates for the front-end of the shop. So the style guide focussed on colours and art direction.

To create a new pallet I used an image with the atmosphere I was looking for.


There was no brand identity, except for a logo. So in order to communicate clearly to our customers we had to define one.

The audience are creative makers, often entrepreneurs who do sell their creations. From Jung's archetypes we chose the maker, to appeal to our customer and inspire them.

The joy of making is what all visual expressions have to communicate without saying it literally.

Navigating quickly through a broad product catalogue

to improve conversion rates


From a simple fold-out menu to an elaborate and tactile menu.

Every product can be opened with one click, by hovering the menu.

Every product can be opened with one click.

menu icons

To make the menu intuitive, photographic icons were used, giving it a tactile sense of the material.

The challenge for me was to make photos that communicate the material properties in a very small size. For example the foam and rubber category dealt with two completely different textures.

too many products

The catalogue was too large, making it difficult to find the right material.

This was addressed by adding material variations in thicknesses and colours to products.

Colour variations in a single product’s material for a quicker overview of the large catalogue.

sale items

The visualisation of on-sale prices was cluttered and confusing.

Priority for the new site was to be able to use sales as a marketing tool.

Showing what is on sale clearly.

Making high quality content

product and marketing photography

looking back

This project was finished within two and half months, with two people and we had no prior Shopify experience. I enjoyed learning so quickly and I'm proud of the result.

Working with the scrum method enabled us to stay focused and finish within the set time frame.

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