I’m Paula


2020 –

Marketing &

UX/UI design



2023 UX Design

General Assembly

10 week course

2018 Master

Graphic Design

LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium

Graduated Cum Laude

based in

Schiedam, NL

As a multidisciplinary designer, I seek to unite functionality and form through a holistic approach. My journey through art school resulted in an eye for detail, a passion for typography, and how to navigate an iterative design process.

Currently, I make things simple at Snijlab, a one-stop-shop for laser-cutting. Here I learned the ropes of business strategy, software development, and delivering products that meet client needs.

I’m looking forward to working in multidisciplinary teams towards a shared vision to both broadening and deepening my skill set around digital products.

in my free time

I enjoy running, cooking and experimenting with printmaking. Finding analogue ways for making designs fascinates me endlessly.

Another favourite past time is gardening. Ask me anything about rainwater collection in ponds and why lazy gardening is better for bees.

Collecting rainwater in my garden pond.

Preparing a silkscreen for printing.

Checking up on pumpkin sprouts.

Harvested pumpkins in my garden.

Opening a freshly picked oyster on a beach in Zeeland.

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